Tuesday, April 21, 2009

English Language Week 2009 - Day 2

Spelling Bee Competition

It was rather stressful for me to prepare words which we are capable of pronouncing and are capable of being spelled by Form 2 kids. But I think we've underestimated some of their abilities. They are superb spellers, some of them. Words like "Ebb", "Firth" or "Gnat" are presumed by us to be confusing and impossible for the Form 2's to spell. We were wrong.

We were especially astonished by the performance of Micah See, brother of Jonah See.
The preliminary round was thought to be rather extreme. But Micah, oh did he surprise us.
10 outta 10!
Quite a number of the Form 2's had quite high scores too. Ranging from 7 to 9.
Heck, I'd even say they're smarter than us seniors. By a lot.

So we picked the top 21 scorers. The extra one was a tie between two students. Had no choice.
We arranged the chairs for them as though they're about to take an exam.

Look at them... See how tortured they looked?
So the semi-finals began. Word after word, they participants grow anxious. 'Cause the words just keep getting better and better. And by better, I mean harder. But heck...

And so they were again short-listed. The last FIVE participants. The finalists.

The "survivors"

The battle then began. Choosing from a list of 35 heart-stopping words at random, they start to spell. Thinking wisely and making as minimal an error as possible. You should've seen their faces when they got it wrong. The face of disappointment. I like that. It shows that they actually want to win. They don't take this event as a sit-and-watch. They give their full support. Truly respectable, unlike some... Poor Micah, getting all the hard words while the others got rather simpler ones. Must be hard for him.

At the end, we had 4 of them having the same score. So we thought of the simplest way to resolve this matter. Give a word. Fastest to respond and spell, wins.

And so, we have our winners:
1. Ong Choon Siong
2. Kenneth Low
3. Micah See

Great job, guys. You were really great spellers.

Spot The Spot Contest

Initially, the name for this event was "Treasure Hunt". But then we thought, they're not exactly treasures, first of all, they don't worth much, and they're immobile.
The participants for this event are Form 3 guys. They'll be given a riddled clue which relates to a certain spot in the school's compound.
Here are some of them:

When arriving school, look no further.
Managed by La Salle Brothers

I'm another word for a donkey,
born with an M in front of me.
(My bad for covering the M)

Like a rack, made of wood.
Stored with zinc, and more wood.

We thought that some of the riddles (not mentioned here) are too hard for them to understand let alone figuring them out. But to our surprise, the first team that finished all the riddles are only at less than 15 minutes. I was just getting some nice shots of them running around, when they came to me and said that they're done. Damn...

So the winners for this event is Team 1 consisting of Benedict Shii and uhh... His friends. =D

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